Years back when we started, we felt there was a need for true life stories to read to our kids, instead of fairytales that were imparting nonsensical ideas. We wanted stories that would inculcate and help our kids develop better morals and teach and imbue them with better qualities, character and behaviour.

Since lessons taught in childhood normally have a lasting impression on a child’s mind, we often feared  for the effect some of the silly fairy tales and bed time stories we or others read to children were leaving on them. Were we teaching our  children from this tender age, that it was fine to enter people’s houses without permission like Goldilocks,  steal and lie like Jack and the Beanstalk and that dead people could be revived by a kiss like Sleeping Beauty etc?

Since we felt there weren’t enough suitable stories teaching good morals at that time, we began writing stories not only to entertain children but to teach them valuable life lessons and morals taught in our religion. The response we got for them was unbelievable and many insisted that we go on to write yet another volume and another until we finally said its enough after the 5th volume.

Alhamdulillah, today there’s much more beneficial literature available plus an abundance of it, so we aren’t keen to do any more reprints. Besides, dealing with the printing, wholesaling, selling and posting problems are huge time-consumers and a headache we prefer to do without!

Many have requested that we please reconsider and continue to write or reprint our stories. Going back and reviewing our books, we’ve noticed quite a few errors that we would like to correct and so the idea of blogging an edited version of the books entered our minds.

The pro’s of these are:

  • It’s available to whoever wishes to read it, without us having to worry about getting it to them.
  • It can reach a much greater population of kids.
  • There is no worry of chasing behind printers, sales and distribution.
  • We can focus on each story individually.
  • We can have our team of grown up kids  help us with the typing and editing by simply logging into wordpress.

There are however cons too…but we do have a  solution for them as well:

  • It’s not a hard copy – but since the book is not copyrighted, readers could print out our stories for their use.
  • How do we benefit…since it’s free now – well, the purpose of this book was to serve humanity and not about making money. It was also to benefit our children and help raise better future leaders. To a certain degree we feel we have achieved that but are now hoping to be able to reach out worldwide to a greater audience.

3 thoughts on “Introduction.

  1. MashAllah so glad to see this. We had the the book with my two older kids, but gave it away along with many other things when we had to move abroad. I still remembered some esp the one of the boy that littered around the home. My youngest loved me telling her that story. My younger two will surely enjoy all the stories. JazaakAllah khair for sharing and the effort…May Allah accept it, Aameen

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