The Noise In The 


It was a cold, winter’s night when Qasim awoke in his bed. His room was dark but he was sure that he had heard a sound. He glanced at the clock by his bedside. It was two o ‘clock in the morning. Qasim convinced himself that he had probably imagined the noise. He closed his eyes and slowly began drifting off to sleep again.

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Suddenly, he heard the noise again. It sounded like someone creeping along the passage outside his room. Who could be creeping around the house this time of the night? he wondered. What if it was a burglar?   Qasim whimpered in fear and pulled the duvet over his head. His heart began beating faster and faster and he felt very scared.

He then heard the noise again but this time, he realized that there was something very familiar about the sound. It sounded just like those squeaky sandals his mother wore in the house. He sighed with relief as he realized that there was no burglar in the house, it was only his mother. What was she doing walking around the house in the middle of the night? he wondered. He got out of bed, put on his slippers and went to investigate.

He found to his surprise, both his parents in the room where they read salaah. His father was laying out the musallahs (prayer mats). “What are you doing?” Qasim asked?

“We are getting ready for salaah,” his father replied. “I’m sorry if we disturbed you.” Qaasim was still confused. “Why are you reading salaah now? Isn’t it much too early for Fajr Salaah,” he asked.

His father explained, “We actually getting ready to perform Tahajjud Salaah. When we wake up from our enjoyable sleep and leave our warm beds for Allah’s pleasure, to perform Tahajjud Salaah, there is such great reward. Allah Ta’ala accepts and answers the duas of those who pray to Allah, at this part of the night. It is a really special time to ask Allah Ta’ala for forgiveness and for anything else that we want in this world.”

Qaasim smiled. He had lots of things to make dua for. “Can I read too? he asked.

“Yes, of course,” his mother replied. “Go and perform wudhu first.”

Qasim went to perform his wudhu and thereafter joined his parents in performing Tahajjud Salaah and making dua. He felt really fortunate to be making dua at this time of the night while most people were fast asleep. It was a really special feeling!


The boy who didn’t listen

There was once a boy who didn’t like to wear shoes. He loved to run around barefoot and didn’t understand why his mother always made such a big fuss about wearing shoes.

One day, he told his mother he was going out to play in the garden. His mother reminded him to wear his shoes first but once again, he didn’t listen.

He was so happy to be running and playing barefoot in the garden, when suddenly his foot got pricked by a big black thorn. He screamed out loud and began to cry.

His mother came out running, to see what had happened. Pointing to his foot, he cried: “I got poked by a thorn.”

“Why didn’t you listen to me and wear your shoes?” scolded his mother, carrying him off into the house. “I even reminded you to do so, before you went out!”

The little boy just kept on crying loudly and felt bad for not listening to her. His foot felt so sore and he just hoped his mum could help him feel better soon.

His mum placed him upon the kitchen table and checked his foot. She saw a big, thorn stuck there and carefully pulled it out. Then she applied some ointment on the prick and put a plaster over.

A short while later, the boy was fine once more and went back out to play. This time however, he made sure he wore his shoes first, before going outside.

Can you guess the boys name?



Bubblegum Disaster

Imraan was a boy who loved bubblegum. His mother would get irritated because he was always chewing gum. She said that it reminded her of a cow and that it was not a healthy habit.

She always taught him to throw the bubblegum into the bin. He was not to leave it lying around or throw it on the floor, even if he was outside.

One day, his mother’s friend came to visit with her two year old daughter. The two mothers soon got busy trying out a new biscuit recipe. Since Imraan was feeling sleepy, he went to his room to take a nap. And then something terrible happened!

While he was sleeping, the little girl entered his room. She saw some bubblegum lying near his bedside and decided to help herself. She tore one open and began to chew it.

She then did the same to the rest of the gum, tearing all the wrappers into tiny bits and pieces. Since all the chewing gum was now tasteless, she looked for a place to throw it. So she took it out of her mouth and guess what this naughty girl did?

She stretched the gum and mischievously stuck it on the sleeping boy’s hair. Imraan was too fast asleep to feel anything. The girl then left the room, on hearing her mother call her.

As she walked into the kitchen, her mother asked her what she had been up to. She replied that she had been playing. Shortly thereafter they left.

When Imraan awoke he was cross to find all the mess in his room. He got more angry when he noticed the gum stuck in his hair. It would not come out, not even when his mum tried to remove it!

The only thing left to do was for his dad to take him to the barber. There Imraan had to have his head shaved to remove all the stuck bits of bubblegum.

He now takes care to never leave bubblegum lying around. In fact, he has lost his love for bubblegum and seldom eats it.


The Girl Who Loved Jumping On The Bed.

There was once a little girl who loved jumping on the bed. Her mother would get cross to see the neatly made-up bed often untidy. She was so afraid that one day her child would fall and get badly hurt. So she warned her child to please stop jumping on the bed.This naughty girl however just loved jumping on the bed, so she did not listen.

She would enjoy herself jumping on the bed, whenever her mother was busy and not looking. But one day she learnt her lesson the hard way. She was jumping on the bed, when she fell and hit her cheek on the wooden bed-post. Suddenly there was blood everywhere….on the bed, on her face, on her clothes and on the floor.

The little girl screamed in horror at the sight of so much of blood. Her wound which had been numb at first, began to throb with pain. So the girl just screamed and cried, till her mother came running to her.

Her mother was so shocked by what she saw. She then quickly ran to attend to her child’s wound. Luckily, she was soon able to stop the flow of blood. The naughty girl was comforted and then washed and cleaned up. The messed room however took much longer to clean, before all traces of blood were removed.

The girl was very lucky she did not need any stitches. This incident left a tiny scar on her cheek, which she has up till today. It reminds her of the time she did not listen to her mother. She does not jump on the bed anymore but now loves jumping on trampolines and jumping castles.