Keeping ties with fellow Muslims

Ebrahim and Ismail were the very best of friends. They lived on the same street and they played, did homework and even read salaah together. They loved spending time with each other.

One day, while playing together, Ebrahim accidentally threw Ismail’s ball too high and Ismail was not able to catch it. It rolled down the road and got lost. “Look what you’ve done!” Ismail shouted. “My ball is lost because of you!”
“It was an accident,” Ebrahim shouted back. “Besides, it’s not my fault.   It’s yours! You didn’t catch the ball in time and now you are blaming me.”

They continued to shout and blame each other. The ball was eventually found and returned to Ismail.  The damage however was already done and Ebrahim and Ismail did not want to be friends anymore. They didn’t even want to talk to each other.

For two days they did not greet or talk to each other. They ignored one another totally. Their families hoped that they would soon forgive each other and become friends once again.

On the third day, at madrassah, their teacher was explaining a hadith of Nabi Muhammed S.A.W. which said that a Muslim may not keep away from his fellow Muslim for more than three days. This meant that before three days had passed, they had to start talking to each other and greeting each other.

If they continued ignoring each other, they would be sinful. Both Ebrahim and Ismail were worried as it was already the third day since their fight. As soon as they could, they rushed over to each other and made salaam. Each of them asked the other for forgiveness. They both then asked Allah to forgive them.

It was great to be friends again. They had missed each other. They realized that they are brothers in Islam and they should always try to stay friends for the pleasure of Allah.


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  1. Asalaam u Alaikum, Making dua you well. I stumbled across your blog recently and Alhamdulillah my daughters are really enjoying the stories, Jazak Allah khair


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