Don’t Please Shaitaan

One Sunday afternoon, Abu Bakr and his sister Aatikah were playing at home, in their lounge. Aatikah played with her plastic tea set and pretended to make tea. She offered a cup and saucer to Abu Bakr and said, “Here Abu Bakr, let’s have tea.”

Abu Bakr however was too busy with his new red truck and ignored his sister. “Abu Bakr, would you like a hot cup of tea?” she asked again. She held the empty cup in front of him.

Abu Bakr became angry and pushed the cup away. “Leave me alone, Aatikah,” he said. “I don’t want to play your silly tea party game. Go and bother someone else.”


Aatikah felt very hurt. Not only did Abu Bakr not want to play with her, but he had also called her ‘tea party’ a silly game. Because she felt so bad, she leaned over and pushed Abu Bakr’s truck so that it fell onto its side. “Look! Your silly little truck had an accident,” she said.

Abu Bakr became very angry. “How dare you touch my truck!” he shouted. He gave Aatikah a hard push. She then pushed him back. He pushed her again and she began to cry.

Their parents heard the noise and rushed into the room. “Stop this nonsense at once!” said their father. She started it first,” said Abu Bakr. “No! He did,” cried Aatikah. Their parents were very upset with them. Aatikah and Abu Bakr had to explain to them how the fight had started.

After they had finished explaining, their father said to them, “You should treat each other with love and respect. You should not fight. We are now all upset because of your fight but guess who is very happy right now?”

“Who?” asked the children?

“Shaitaan,” replied their father.

Aatikah and Abu Bakr felt very ashamed of themselves. They didn’t want to make Shaitaan happy. They hated shaitaan. They knew that shaitaan loved it when people behaved badly. He wanted to take people to Jahannam with him.

Aatikah and Abu Bakr did not want to go to Jahannam, they wanted to go to Jannah. They also wanted Allah to be pleased with them. Besides, they didn’t want to fight anymore as it’s such a wonderful thing to have your brother or sister as your friend.

“I’m sorry for fighting with you,” Aatikah said to Abu Bakr. “I’m sorry too,” said Abu Bakr. Then Abu Bakr asked Aatikah if she would make him a cup of tea in her tea set. Aatikah became pleased and the two children went off happily to play.



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