The Pecan Nuts

Nabeela and Haseena were going outside to play. The previous day had been very windy and they had been cooped indoors. They opened the door of their house and stopped short. The yard was full of scattered leaves. It was such a mess.
“Mummy!” cried the children, “Do you want us to sweep the yard?”

“Yes please,” replied their mummy, “it would be such a great help.” She was very busy baking, cleaning and cooking. She promised them a little party when they finished, to repay their kindness. “You will find the brooms and the bin in the garage,” she said.

Nabeela and Haseena took the brooms and began to sweep. They swept all the leaves together into heaps, which they threw into the bin.They were almost finished, when Nabeela saw some pecan nuts by mummy’s vegetable patch.

“Look Haseena,” she said, “these pecan nuts must have fallen with the strong winds.” They gathered the pecan nuts and put them in a small box. They were sorely tempted to eat them but knew that the nuts had fallen from the neighbour’s tree.

They asked their mother if they were allowed to eat the nuts. She replied that they were not. They had to return the pecan nuts to their neighbour as it belonged to her. The girls took the box and set off to the neighbour’s house.

They rang the bell and waited. When the neighbour opened the door, she was surprised to see them. They gave her the box telling her that they had found the nuts in their garden. She was so touched by their honesty and asked them to wait.

Moments later, she returned with a bigger box filled with pecan nuts which she gave to them. She said she was glad to have such honest neighbours and that in future, they could eat any of her fruit or nuts that fell into their garden.

They returned home very happy. They asked their mother to lend them her nut-cracker and they enjoyed shelling  all the nuts. They kept a handful for their party and gave the rest to their mummy. What a fine party they had thereafter with juice, cake, sweets and nuts.


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