The mud bath.

Yusuf and Suhayl were in the same class in school. Yusuf was new in class and he did not have any friends. None of the boys had asked him to play with them and he was too shy to ask if he could join them. Suhayl however, had lots of friends. Everyone liked to  play with Suhayl.

One day, it rained quite heavily. As the boys were leaving the school, Yusuf slipped. SPLASH! He fell right into a puddle of mud. Mud splashed onto his face, his hair and his clothes. Some of the mud even got into his shoes. What a sight he looked! The mud felt really gooey and Yusuf felt really dirty. He was so embarrassed.

Suhayl and his friends burst into loud laughter. “Look,’’ one of the boys called out. “Yusuf had a mud bath.” This made the boys laugh even more.

None of them helped him in any way. They just continued to point and laugh. Yusuf kept his head down so that none of the boys would be able to see the tears in his eyes.  Later, even after having had a bath at home, he was still crying.

The next day, although the sun was shining, the ground was still full of mud puddles. During the break, Yusuf sat on one of the benches, far away from the puddles of mud. He really didn’t want to have another mud bath.

Suhayl and his friends were playing soccer that day. They were having a wonderful time. Just then, as Suhayl stretched out his leg to kick the ball, he fell. This time it was Suhayl who was covered in mud. He was even filthier than Yusuf had been.

This time, since he was the one full of mud, Suhayl did not find it funny at all. All his friends did though. They all stood around him and laughed. Suhayl’s feelings were hurt. These boys were his friends yet they were all laughing at him. Now he realised how horrible Yusuf must have felt the day before.

In fact, the only boy not laughing at him was Yusuf. Yusuf was so kind that he actually came and helped Suhayl out of the mud. “You are such a kind person, Yusuf,” said Suhayl. “I did nothing to help you when you fell. All I did was laugh. Today, when all my friends are laughing at me, you are the only one being so kind to me.”

Yusuf just smiled and said, “My parents taught me not to laugh at other people. Besides, I know just how hurtful it is to be laughed at.”

Then Suhayl realised how cruel it is to laugh at another person and how horrible it feels to be laughed at. Now he is very careful not to laugh at anyone. AND GUESS WHAT?
Suhayl and Yusuf are now the best of friends. Isn’t Suhayl lucky to have Yusuf as a friend?



Don’t Take Without Permission

Little Fathima and her cousin both lived in the same house. During the day they mostly played together and often got up to mischief. One day as they played in Fathima’s room, they found a little bar of chocolate.

They loved chocolate and decided to share and eat it. They didn’t ask Fathima’s mother however if they could eat it. This was very wrong of them, as one should never take anything without permission. They tore off the wrapper and found two pieces of chocolate inside. They each ate a piece.

A little while later they both began to feel strange. Their tummies started to cramp and they had to make many visits to the toilet. Their mother’s became worried as their children seemed to have diarrhea.

When Fathima’s mother came across the chocolate wrapper, she asked them if they had eaten it. They were frightened but admitted that they had. She scolded them for eating it without permission.
She then told them that what they had eaten, looked like a chocolate but was actually a laxative – a medicine that cleaned the tummy. It could have made them very sick.

Luckily they soon felt better. They had learnt an important lesson. One should always ask permission before taking anything.



The Pupil And The Shoes

One day, a pupil and his teacher went for a walk. On the way, they came across a pair of shoes which belonged to a poor man who was working in a nearby garden.

The pupil said to the teacher: “Let us hide his shoes. We can then peep from behind some bushes and see what he does.” The teacher disagreed and said: “It is bettter for us to help the poor, rather than play pranks on them.” He then took two R5 coins from his pocket and handed them to his pupil, telling him to place a coin in each shoe.

They both then hid behind some bushes to see what happened. The poor man soon finished his work and went to wear his shoes. First, he began to slip on his right shoe. He felt something hard in it and was amazed to find a R5 coin. He looked around him but saw no one. He then slipped on his left shoe and found another coin.

His eyes filled with tears. He made dua aloud for the kind person who had given him this gift, saying that he would use this money to buy food for his starving family.

The pupil’s eyes also filled with tears. He was thankful that they had done a good deed rather then playing his intended trick. He had learnt a lesson that he would never forget. It is better to do good and get peoples dua’s, instead of doing evil and making people suffer and become sad.



The Millipedes

One day Ahmad and Mohammed were playing in the garden. They were bored and didn’t know what to do. As they looked around they spied a few millipedes [thousand legs] crawling about. Ahmad and Mohammed thought it would be such fun to play with them.

Mohammed then went into the house and came back with a bucket. They carefully collected the millipedes and put them into the bucket. The millipedes curled up into circles sensing danger.

Ahmad and Mohammed were kept busy and were fascinated by their new ‘toys’. They took the bucket of millipedes into Mohammed’s house and played a little longer. When they got bored, they went up the road to Ahmad’s house, leaving behind the bucket of millipedes.

A little later Mohammed’s maid came looking for the two boys. She was angry because they had left a bucket full of millipedes in the house. These millipedes had now uncurled themselves and were crawling all over the place.

Ahmad’s mother scolded them and told them to collect all the little creatures and put them back in the garden where they belonged.

They were not to entertain themselves by troubling and frightening little creatures because Allah Ta’ala becomes displeased with those who trouble and frighten his creatures.


This story brings back some special memories of my beloved son Late Hafez Ahmad, who passed away at the tender age of 17. May Allah (SWT)  fill his qabr with noor and grant him the highest stages in Jannah, Aameen.


Bubblegum Disaster

Imraan was a boy who loved bubblegum. His mother would get irritated because he was always chewing gum. She said that it reminded her of a cow and that it was not a healthy habit.

She always taught him to throw the bubblegum into the bin. He was not to leave it lying around or throw it on the floor, even if he was outside.

One day, his mother’s friend came to visit with her two year old daughter. The two mothers soon got busy trying out a new biscuit recipe. Since Imraan was feeling sleepy, he went to his room to take a nap. And then something terrible happened!

While he was sleeping, the little girl entered his room. She saw some bubblegum lying near his bedside and decided to help herself. She tore one open and began to chew it.

She then did the same to the rest of the gum, tearing all the wrappers into tiny bits and pieces. Since all the chewing gum was now tasteless, she looked for a place to throw it. So she took it out of her mouth and guess what this naughty girl did?

She stretched the gum and mischievously stuck it on the sleeping boy’s hair. Imraan was too fast asleep to feel anything. The girl then left the room, on hearing her mother call her.

As she walked into the kitchen, her mother asked her what she had been up to. She replied that she had been playing. Shortly thereafter they left.

When Imraan awoke he was cross to find all the mess in his room. He got more angry when he noticed the gum stuck in his hair. It would not come out, not even when his mum tried to remove it!

The only thing left to do was for his dad to take him to the barber. There Imraan had to have his head shaved to remove all the stuck bits of bubblegum.

He now takes care to never leave bubblegum lying around. In fact, he has lost his love for bubblegum and seldom eats it.


The Pecan Nuts

Nabeela and Haseena were going outside to play. The previous day had been very windy and they had been cooped indoors. They opened the door of their house and stopped short. The yard was full of scattered leaves. It was such a mess.
“Mummy!” cried the children, “Do you want us to sweep the yard?”

“Yes please,” replied their mummy, “it would be such a great help.” She was very busy baking, cleaning and cooking. She promised them a little party when they finished, to repay their kindness. “You will find the brooms and the bin in the garage,” she said.

Nabeela and Haseena took the brooms and began to sweep. They swept all the leaves together into heaps, which they threw into the bin.They were almost finished, when Nabeela saw some pecan nuts by mummy’s vegetable patch.

“Look Haseena,” she said, “these pecan nuts must have fallen with the strong winds.” They gathered the pecan nuts and put them in a small box. They were sorely tempted to eat them but knew that the nuts had fallen from the neighbour’s tree.

They asked their mother if they were allowed to eat the nuts. She replied that they were not. They had to return the pecan nuts to their neighbour as it belonged to her. The girls took the box and set off to the neighbour’s house.

They rang the bell and waited. When the neighbour opened the door, she was surprised to see them. They gave her the box telling her that they had found the nuts in their garden. She was so touched by their honesty and asked them to wait.

Moments later, she returned with a bigger box filled with pecan nuts which she gave to them. She said she was glad to have such honest neighbours and that in future, they could eat any of her fruit or nuts that fell into their garden.

They returned home very happy. They asked their mother to lend them her nut-cracker and they enjoyed shelling  all the nuts. They kept a handful for their party and gave the rest to their mummy. What a fine party they had thereafter with juice, cake, sweets and nuts.



Banana Shoes

Zaakir was a little boy who always got confused when wearing his shoes. He would often wear his shoes on his own, only to be told that he had worn them the wrong way.  Then he would have to  remove them and wear them again, switching them around.

Now one day, Zaakir wore his shoes incorrectly again. Nobody noticed at first, until he went out to play in the garden. He stopped to make salaam to Noor the gardener. Noor returned his salaam, then pointing to Zaakir’s shoes, he laughed and said, “Banana shoes!”

“These are takkies, Uncle Noor!” Zaakir said. “They are not banana shoes.” Still smiling, Noor explained that ‘banana shoes’ were shoes that were put on wrong. He then asked Zaakir: “Can you bring me two bananas from my kitchen table, please?””Yes I can,” said Zaakir, running to Noor’s house in the back.

Zaakir came back with the bananas, which Noor took and placed on the grass back to back. Then he told Zaakir to turn them around to form an apple shape. Zaakir did as he was told. Noor now asked him to place his shoes together in this way.

“Always wear shoes like an apple and not like bananas,” Noor said. Zaakir wore his shoes the correct way and went to explain to his sister what he had just learnt.

Thereafter it was much easier to put his shoes on correctly. Now, whenever he sees little children wearing their shoes wrong, you can be sure that he points to them and says, “Banana shoes!” He then shows them how to wear them the apple way.