Sulaiman had just sat down to do his homework when suddenly his grandmother called out, “Sulaiman, please bring me some water. “Sulaiman sighed and got up to fetch the water. His grandmother thanked him and told him what a good boy he was.

 This was something that happened often in their home. Since their granny had become ill and come to stay with them, she was constantly calling Sulaiman or his sister to fetch things for her, to massage her feet or simply just to keep her company.

Sulaiman loved his granny but he found it so annoying when she kept calling him. Sometimes, when he was playing, he would pretend not to hear her when she called out. Then his mother or sister had to attend to her.

None of his friends had the same problem. Their grandparents didn’t live with them. When he told his mother how he felt, she scolded him for being so unkind, saying that as his granny could no longer walk, she needed their help.

One day Sulaiman became very ill. He had a fever which left him feeling really weak. Whenever he tried to stand, he felt dizzy. He had to spend several days in bed. He even needed help to walk to the bathroom.

His mother did her best to care for him but Sulaiman was often left alone in his bedroom. He was miserable and lonely. Every time he needed something, he had to call out to his mother. He hated feeling so helpless.

When he complained to his mother about this, she said, “You will feel like this for a few days only. Your granny suffers like this every day.”

Sulaiman suddenly realized how difficult it must be for his granny. She probably felt helpless all the time. It was not her fault that she was sick.

He made a promise to himself that when he was well, he would do a better job of caring for his granny. He would no longer get angry, irritated or ignore her. His short illness taught him an important lesson.


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