The Dead Cat.

Aadil and Rizwaan were quarrelling again over who got to sit near the car window. “It’s my turn,” said Rizwaan refusing to get in first. “No! you sat there yesterday,” replied Aadil. Their father who was about to climb in, paused to think. “He’s right Rizwaan,” said their father. “You sat there yesterday when we went out to buy milk.” Rizwaan climbed in reluctantly, sitting next to his granny. Granny was old and she always sat next to the window as it made it easier for her to climb in and out.

As the two children sat quietly in the back with granny, their father reversed the car whilst their mother reminded them all to recite the ‘Dua For Travelling’*. All recited this dua and the family set off on their journey. They were all going to visit Uncle Mahmood, who was sick. A little while later father suddenly slowed down and Aadil craned his neck to see why. He saw that a cat had been run over and lay on the road. Aadil’s father pulled over and they realised it was dead. Aadil asked his father, “What are you going to do?”

Well,” said his father, “I’m going to get off and try to remove it from the road.” Aadil’s father switched off the car, took an empty packet along with him and then left the car. Aadil watched as his father scanned the road for oncoming traffic. Seeing none, he ran towards the dead cat. He then lifted it up, using the packet. Walking over to the side of the road,  he gently laid down the dead cat near a bush.  He then threw away the packet in a nearby bin.

When he returned to the car, he asked his wife to pour some water, from their drinking bottle, over his hands. After rinsing his hands well, he returned to his seat and resumed driving. Aadil then asked his father why he had went through so much trouble to remove the dead cat from the road. After all, he hadn’t been the one who knocked it. Couldn’t he have just ignored it?

 Aadil’s father smiled and replied, “When we remove any obstruction from the pathway, it is an act of charity, which earns great reward from Allah.” He then warned his sons, “Never ever throw dirt or harmful objects on the pathways as people can have an accident and sustain serious injuries!” Aadil and Rizaan were taught such an excellent lesson that day by their father! It is so easy to remove harmful objects from pathways and yet earns so much reward.


DUA FOR TRAVELLING *Bismillah. Alhamdulillah. Subhanallazi sakh-khara lana haza wa ma kunna lahu muqrineen. Wa inna ila rabbina lamun-qaliboon. All praise be to Allah. Glory be to Allah who has put this (vehicle) under our control though we were unable to control it. Surely to our Sustainer are we to return.

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