The Spy

Little Zaid loved to carry tales. If he saw anyone doing something wrong or making a mistake, he would rush off to tell others about it. He would often sneak up behind his brothers  to see what they were up to. He was always waiting for them to do something wrong, so that he could get them into trouble with his parents. His brothers called him  ‘A Spy’.

In school, he would always interrupt the teacher to tell her what the other children were doing, even if they were doing nothing wrong. Zaid was always getting into trouble for carrying tales but this did not make him stop. If someone told him a secret, he enjoyed telling it to others. This bad habit became worse as time went on.

One day, Zaid’s friend Muhammad was upset because he had done very badly in a class test. The test had not been so difficult and Muhammad was the only one who had not done well. Muhammad was so embarassed. He asked all his friends not to tell anyone. They all, including Zaid, agreed.

Soon though, Zaid told someone. Then he told someone else. Eventually, everyone knew about it. Muhammad was very angry with Zaid. He shouted at him and said, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore. You are nothing but a ‘tale carrier.”

All Zaid’s other friends wouldn’t talk to him either. Sometimes, he would see them all talking and laughing but when he joined them, everyone would become silent. Nobody seemed to like him anymore. None of the boys in his class wanted to be his friend anymore. “We don’t trust you,” they said.

At home his brothers did not like to spend time with him. “Why should we let a spy play with us?” they asked. Zaid was very lonely. He had no one to play with. He wanted people to like him again. He wanted his brothers to stop calling him ‘A Spy’. He wanted to change and become a better person.

His parents gave him some very good advice. They told him to seek forgiveness from all those he had troubled in the past. They also told him that he should only speak well of others or keep silent.

Zaid prayed to Allah for forgiveness and asked Allah to help him change his ways. He went to all his family members and friends to apologise and ask them to forgive him. It was not an easy thing for him to do. Zaid is a nicer person now that he no longer carries tales. Everyone likes him and nobody calls him ‘A Spy” anymore.


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