Dust Your Shoes Before Wearing!

One cold morning, Anisa awoke and jumped out of bed. She needed to go to the toilet, so she put on her scarf and searched for shoes to wear. She knew that it is sunnah to wear shoes and cover the head when going to the toilet.

In the corner of her room, she spied her fluffy bedroom slippers. Hurriedly, she went to slip them on, wearing first her right slipper, as it’s sunnah to wear the right shoe first, then the left. She jerked when her toes felt something cold, soft and slimy in it. What could it be? A lump of wet tissue? Who could have been so unkind to stuff dirt into her slipper? she wondered. She quickly pulled out her foot, feeling cross and disgusted.

It serves me right,  she thought to herself. It is also sunnah to dust ones shoes before wearing them and I have not done so. She then began to dust out her shoes. She screamed and jumped, when she saw what fell out, as it was simply not wet tissue!!!

It was a baby frog, which is known as a froglet. The little frog was just as alarmed as she was, when it found itself dusted out of its cozy bed. It quickly hopped away in fright and hid behind some furniture.

As for Anisa, she felt so creepy that she didn’t even go search for the froglet. She has never forgotten that incident. Remember, it is always wise to follow the sunnah.


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