The Rash

Yaseera was in tears. She had a rash on her face which was itchy and uncomfortable. The doctor had said that it was an allergic reaction and if she used a cream and avoided certain foods, the rash would probably clear up in a few weeks. The worst part was that some unkind children teased her and made fun of her because of her rash.

Whenever the children insulted her,  Yaseera became angry and said nasty things back to them in return. This, however, only made them tease her more. The angrier she became, the more they enjoyed teasing her. One day, Yaseera went home sobbing. “I don’t want to go back to school, ” she said. “The children tease me.”

Her mother comforted her and told her to make dua for those children, so that Allah  may guide them and help them change their ways. Yaseera made dua for them and also made dua for herself that her rash may clear up quickly. She did this every night. Her mother also advised her to ignore those who teased her and not be rude to them in return. When they teased her, she should keep silent.

By making dua for those children, Yaseera began to feel stronger and better. She followed her mother’s advice and whenever the children teased her, she ignored them. When they made her really angry, she would recite ta’awuz or zikr instead of answering them back.

Soon they got bored of teasing her. It was no longer fun as she did not get angry anymore. Some of them even apologized to her for their bad behaviour. Her rash finally faded away and Yaseera realised that it is best to ask Allah’s help in every difficulty.


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