24. “You Cant Take Back Your Gift!”

Slam! Taskeen stormed into the bedroom banging the door as she entered. Her elder sister Nadhira looked up from the book she was reading and noticed the look on Taskeen’s face. Taskeen was pacing the room muttering to herself, her hands clenched into fists and her face red with anger. “What’s wrong?” Nadhira asked in a concerned voice.
“She ignored me!” Taskeen exclaimed. “I went down to play with her and she didn’t even talk to me because her cousins are visiting. You wont believe how stuck up she was acting! When she has no one else to play with, she’s quite happy to play with me but when her cousins or school friends are around, she totally ignores me. When her cousins are gone, you’ll see, she’ll come crawling back to me as usual. Well, this time I’ll show her!“
What are you going to show her?” asked Nadhira wearily. “I’ll show her that she can’t use me anymore. I’ll show her that I can be even more stuck up than her. In fact, you know what? I’m going to ask her to return the handbag I gave her as a gift last week. She really loves that handbag so she’ll hate giving it back,” Taskeen said with malicious glee. “You can’t take back your gift” Nadhira scolded. “Please don’t do something so silly!” “Oh yes I can” protested Tasqeen . “I gave it to her so I can take it back. Beside I only gave it to her because I thought she was my friend. Now that I know she’s not my friend, I don’t want her to have it anymore.”

“Taskeen,” Nadhira said sternly, you really can’t take it back. It belongs to her now. Haven’t you heard the hadith where Nabi (s.a.w) has said that taking back a gift is like a dog licking its own vomit.” ” Oh yuck!” exclaimed Taskeen, as she pictured it in her mind. She was glad that her sister had told her this before she had done something so distasteful. “You’re right,” she said. ” I can’t ask her to return it. It does belong to her now. I’m still not going to be her friend though,” she added.
“Well,” Nadhira advised, “you dont have to be her friend if you don’ t want to, but you shouldn’t behave badly towards her either. If someone treats you badly, you don’t have to stoop to their level. You should always treat others better than they treat you.”

Taskeen was silent and Nadhira saw that her sister had been hiding the hurt that she felt, behind a show of anger. ” Maybe Saara doesn’t realise how much she is hurting you when she behaves like this.” Naadhira then suggested, “When her cousins are gone, you could explain to her in the nicest way possible, how badly you feel when she acts this way. Maybe it will make a difference to her and she’ll change her ways. After all, everyone makes mistakes.”

Taskeen decided that it was possible. She would try telling Saara how she felt and if it didn’t make a difference, she would know that she was better off not having her as a friend. She was glad that she had spoken to her sister, before she carried out any plan of revenge against Saara. She knew that revenge could feel good at first but would later leave behind a bitter taste. She decided that even if she and Saara didn’t remain friends, she would still try be good towards her. After all, that is one of the qualities of a true Muslim.

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