Sulaiman had just sat down to do his homework when suddenly his grandmother called out, “Sulaiman, please bring me some water. “Sulaiman sighed and got up to fetch the water. His grandmother thanked him and told him what a good boy he was.

 This was something that happened often in their home. Since their granny had become ill and come to stay with them, she was constantly calling Sulaiman or his sister to fetch things for her, to massage her feet or simply just to keep her company.

Sulaiman loved his granny but he found it so annoying when she kept calling him. Sometimes, when he was playing, he would pretend not to hear her when she called out. Then his mother or sister had to attend to her.

None of his friends had the same problem. Their grandparents didn’t live with them. When he told his mother how he felt, she scolded him for being so unkind, saying that as his granny could no longer walk, she needed their help.

One day Sulaiman became very ill. He had a fever which left him feeling really weak. Whenever he tried to stand, he felt dizzy. He had to spend several days in bed. He even needed help to walk to the bathroom.

His mother did her best to care for him but Sulaiman was often left alone in his bedroom. He was miserable and lonely. Every time he needed something, he had to call out to his mother. He hated feeling so helpless.

When he complained to his mother about this, she said, “You will feel like this for a few days only. Your granny suffers like this every day.”

Sulaiman suddenly realized how difficult it must be for his granny. She probably felt helpless all the time. It was not her fault that she was sick.

He made a promise to himself that when he was well, he would do a better job of caring for his granny. He would no longer get angry, irritated or ignore her. His short illness taught him an important lesson.



The Pretty Tumbler

“Mummy, mummy! May I please have some cold water to drink,” asked Shakira.

“Yes, my dear,” said mummy. She took the jug of cold water from the fridge and poured out some water into a pretty tumbler.This tumbler was very special as it had been a farewell gift from Muallimah Aarifa. It served as a reminder to Shakira to drink the sunnah way. Shakira took the tumbler and sat down as only Zam Zam water and water left over after making wudhu, can be drank standing.

She held the tumbler in her right hand as she didn’t like to copy shaitaan who drinks with the left hand. Then reciting “Bismillah” she drank in three separate sips. Shakira never drank water in one long breath, like a camel.

After drinking the water, Shakira said, “Alhamdulillah“ which means “Allah be praised”. Then Shakira and her mummy went into the lounge.

Soon they noticed that it had become very windy. Shakira’s mummy rushed around closing the windows. Suddenly there was a loud bang, followed by the sound of breaking glass. The noise had come from the kitchen. Shakira and her mummy rushed to see what had happened.

They saw that the kitchen window had slammed shut and a gust of wind had knocked over the pretty tumbler. It had fallen to the floor and shattered into pieces. Shakira’s mother saw that her daughter was barefoot and swiftly sent her to wear her shoes. She then took a broom and began to sweep up the glass.

When Shakira returned, her mother was busy emptying the glass into some newspaper. She then threw it away into the bin.

“Why didn’t you throw the glass straight into the bin? Why did you wrap it in newspaper?” asked Shakira.

Her mother smiled and answered, “If we are careless when throwing away broken glass, people handling the refuse could get cut. We should take care never to harm anyone.”

Just then Shakira realised that it was her pretty tumbler which had broken. She felt very sad and tears filled her eyes. Her mother noticed her sorrow and said, “Tumblers are not important. We can buy you another pretty tumbler. What is important is that you always drink the sunnah way!”




There was once a little boy called Ebrahim who loved to litter. If he ate or drank something, he would stuff the wrappers somewhere – in a drawer, a cupboard, under the bed or behind the curtains. He was too lazy to put his litter in the bin.

Ebrahim’s mother often scolded him but he simply ignored her. His family would get cross when they came across his dirt, but he just didn’t want to listen and stop littering. Then one day he was taught a lesson in a way he would never forget.

His granny had come to stay for a week and before long she discovered Ebrahim’s naughty habit. She was so disgusted and wanted to teach Ebrahim a lesson. So she called the maid secretly and gave her a big box. She asked her to collect in it all Ebrahim’s dirt. At the end of the week the box was full of wrappers, packets and bottles.

Before Ebrahim’s granny went home she called the whole family together. She began to hand out gifts to everyone, including the maid.  Everybody was thrilled to be getting a gift. Ebrahim was the most excited as his gift wrapped box was the biggest and quiet heavy.

He quickly began to unwrap his box. Imagine his shock when he found it full of the week’s dirt. It made him feel so embarassed and ashamed of himself. He decided there and then, that in future he would throw all his dirt in the bin, instead of littering.

His granny smiled at him sadly but promised him his gift on her next visit, if he gave up littering. If he did not give up this habit, she warned him she would simply give the gift to somebody else. Do you think he received his gift?