The Miser

Zakiya and Azraa were in their bedroom, putting away their weeks savings into their money boxes. Zakiya had quite a few coins to put away but Azraa however had hardly anything. She almost always spent her whole weeks allowance on sweets, snacks and cooldrinks.

As Azraa gazed at the amount of money Zakiya had saved, she felt very jealous. So she blurted out spitefully, “You are such a miser, Zakiya! You always hoard your money and don’t spend it!”
Zakiya felt so bad upon hearing Azra’s words that she started tearing. Just then their mother entered the room and wanted to know why Zakiya was in tears.

“She called me a miser,” said Zakiya sadly.
“Azraa,” their mother chided, “how could you say that to your sister?”
“But it’s true,” replied Azraa. “She always hoards her money and doesn’t spend it all.”

Their mother then said to Azraa, “Don’t you know a miser is a very greedy person who hoards money, not even spending it when there is a need to do so. Zakiya doesn’t do that. She spends her money moderately, gives charity and still manages to save some money every week. You should also learn to be moderate in your spending Azraa, if you wish to save. Now go apologise to your sister for being so nasty!”

Azraa realised that their mother was right and quickly apologised to Zakiya. Her sister smiled warmly and accepted her apology. Their mother then asked them, “Do you know who  is the worst miser?”

“Who?” asked the children.
“The worst miser is the one who hears our Nabi Muhammed (saw)’s name mentioned and does not send any blessings on him.”
“How do we send blessings on Nabi (s.a.w)?” asked Azraa.

Their mother replied, “We do so by reciting durood, upon hearing Nabi Muhammed (s.a.w)’s name. Do you both know what’s the shortest form of durood one can send?”

“What is it? Teach us please!” said Zakiya.”We simply recite ‘Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam,” said their mother.

“And do you both know the reward for reciting one durood?” she asked them.
“What’s the reward?”  both wanted to know. Their mother replied, “One receives 10 blessings, 10 sins are forgiven and one’s rank is raised by 10 stages.”

The children were so amazed to learn how much reward there was for reciting just one durood. They decided to always recite abundant durood in future. It was so easy to recite durood, yet earned so much of reward.



A Special Friend

During interval at school, all the girls would sit in a classroom and eat the lunch that their mothers had packed for them. Each day as Ayesha ate her lunch, she would notice Saadiyah sitting alone. Saadiyah did not bring lunch. While all the other girls were eating, Saadiyah would sit quietly or put her head down on the desk.

Ayesha began to wonder why Saadiyah never brought lunch to school. She noticed that Saadiyah was very thin, and that she did not have as much energy as the other girls. Her clothes and shoes also looked very old. She realised that Saadiyah’s family probably did not have enough money for Saadiyah to bring lunch.

Ayesha had always been taught that Allah loves and rewards those who share. One day she sat next to Saadiyah and asked, “Would you please help me eat my lunch?” Saadiyah was surprised. She was also very hungry, so she agreed. That was the first day that Ayesha and Saadiyah ate lunch together. Saadiyah remembered to thank Ayesha by saying “Jazakallah Khair,” which means, “May Allah reward you well.”

Thereafter, Ayesha would always share lunch with Saadiyah. They soon became very close friends. Saadiyah explained to Ayesha why she didn’t bring lunch. She said “My parents do not have much money. That is why we can only eat in the morning and in the evening. We are making Dua to Allah everyday to make it easier for us. Insha Allah, our Duas will soon be answered.”

Ayesha liked sharing her lunch with Saadiyah. Saadiyah, however, felt sad that she could not give Ayesha anything in return. She said to Ayesha, “Everyday, you share your lunch with me, but I can’t share anything with you. I wish that there was something that I could do for you.”

Ayesha thought about it for a moment, then smiled and said, “My mother always says that the best gift that you can give to a person is to make Dua for them. If you really want to do something for me, then you can make Dua for me.”

Saadiyah agreed that it was a good idea. After that, she began to make Dua for Ayesha everyday. Eventually, Saadiyah’s parents could afford to give her lunch every day. Saadiyah and Ayesha still liked to share though. Now they had two lunches to share. Through sharing, Saadiyah and Ayesha remained close friends. Saadiyah has never forgotten how wonderful Ayesha was to her. She continues to make Dua for her special friend.


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