Banana Shoes

Zaakir was a little boy who always got confused when wearing his shoes. He would often wear his shoes on his own, only to be told that he had worn them the wrong way.  Then he would have to  remove them and wear them again, switching them around.

Now one day, Zaakir wore his shoes incorrectly again. Nobody noticed at first, until he went out to play in the garden. He stopped to make salaam to Noor the gardener. Noor returned his salaam, then pointing to Zaakir’s shoes, he laughed and said, “Banana shoes!”

“These are takkies, Uncle Noor!” Zaakir said. “They are not banana shoes.” Still smiling, Noor explained that ‘banana shoes’ were shoes that were put on wrong. He then asked Zaakir: “Can you bring me two bananas from my kitchen table, please?””Yes I can,” said Zaakir, running to Noor’s house in the back.

Zaakir came back with the bananas, which Noor took and placed on the grass back to back. Then he told Zaakir to turn them around to form an apple shape. Zaakir did as he was told. Noor now asked him to place his shoes together in this way.

“Always wear shoes like an apple and not like bananas,” Noor said. Zaakir wore his shoes the correct way and went to explain to his sister what he had just learnt.

Thereafter it was much easier to put his shoes on correctly. Now, whenever he sees little children wearing their shoes wrong, you can be sure that he points to them and says, “Banana shoes!” He then shows them how to wear them the apple way.


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