Don’t Take Without Permission

Little Fathima and her cousin both lived in the same house. During the day they mostly played together and often got up to mischief. One day as they played in Fathima’s room, they found a little bar of chocolate.

They loved chocolate and decided to share and eat it. They didn’t ask Fathima’s mother however if they could eat it. This was very wrong of them, as one should never take anything without permission. They tore off the wrapper and found two pieces of chocolate inside. They each ate a piece.

A little while later they both began to feel strange. Their tummies started to cramp and they had to make many visits to the toilet. Their mother’s became worried as their children seemed to have diarrhea.

When Fathima’s mother came across the chocolate wrapper, she asked them if they had eaten it. They were frightened but admitted that they had. She scolded them for eating it without permission.
She then told them that what they had eaten, looked like a chocolate but was actually a laxative – a medicine that cleaned the tummy. It could have made them very sick.

Luckily they soon felt better. They had learnt an important lesson. One should always ask permission before taking anything.



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