The boy who wanted to be strong

In a small town, there lived a boy whom everyone was afraid of. This boy was tall and well built (with strong arms and legs) and became angry very easily. If someone told him something that he didn’t like, he would punch or kick that person. As a result, people  didn’t like him and tried to stay as far away from him as possible.
The boy sometimes felt bad that he had no friends, but he loved the fact that people called him ‘strong’. He had always wanted to be strong.
One day, as he pushed and shouted at someone who  had accidentally bumped into him, he heard a stranger remark behind him, “That boy is so weak.”
The boy was shocked. This was the first time that anyone had ever called him weak. “How dare you call me weak?” he shouted at the stranger. “Didn’t you see how easily I hit him? I can hurt you much worse.”
The stranger replied, “Being able to hit someone does not make you strong! Nabi Muhammad (saw) has told us that a strong person is one who is able to control his anger. You do not have any control over your anger. You just hit people whenever you feel like. That makes you a bully and also makes you weak.”
The boy was stunned. No one had ever spoken to him in that manner before.  He realized however, that the stranger was right. He WAS weak. He could no longer consider himself strong. He felt ashamed and decided to change.
He  followed the advice of Nabi ( S.A.W). If he became angry, he would rush off to make wudhu and remembered to recite ta’awwuz. If he became angry while standing, he would immediately sit.
Soon he found a great change in himself. People were no longer afraid of him. In fact, he also began to make many friends. Now that he can control his anger, he no longer uses his physical strength to hurt people but uses it to help others instead. As a result, he is so much happier.



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