The boy who didn’t listen

There was once a boy who didn’t like to wear shoes. He loved to run around barefoot and didn’t understand why his mother always made such a big fuss about wearing shoes.

One day, he told his mother he was going out to play in the garden. His mother reminded him to wear his shoes first but once again, he didn’t listen.

He was so happy to be running and playing barefoot in the garden, when suddenly his foot got pricked by a big black thorn. He screamed out loud and began to cry.

His mother came out running, to see what had happened. Pointing to his foot, he cried: “I got poked by a thorn.”

“Why didn’t you listen to me and wear your shoes?” scolded his mother, carrying him off into the house. “I even reminded you to do so, before you went out!”

The little boy just kept on crying loudly and felt bad for not listening to her. His foot felt so sore and he just hoped his mum could help him feel better soon.

His mum placed him upon the kitchen table and checked his foot. She saw a big, thorn stuck there and carefully pulled it out. Then she applied some ointment on the prick and put a plaster over.

A short while later, the boy was fine once more and went back out to play. This time however, he made sure he wore his shoes first, before going outside.

Can you guess the boys name?



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