The Train Set

One sunny day, Umar and his brother Hamza awoke early. After breakfast they had a bath, changed and began to recite the Quraan. Thereafter they put their quraans away and were free to play. “What shall we do today, Umar?” asked Hamza. We could play with our new train set,” replied Umar. Hamza smiled and said, “That’s a good idea!”

The train set had been an Eid gift from their parents. It had many small parts and provided them with hours of fun. They went and asked their mother, “Can we play with our train set today?” “Yes you may, but please remember to handle it with care,” replied their mother. She took it down from a high shelf and handed it to them.

The boys carried it carefully and set it down on the floor. With great care, they opened the box and began to fit all the little pieces together. A little while later, the track was assembled. They then slotted in the batteries and switched on the trains. The trains began to make such wonderful sounds and were soon racing along the tracks. Just then the buzzer rang out loudly. Their mother called out that Usama was at the gate and wanted to play with them.

Umar said to Hamza, “Tell him we are doing homework and can’t come out to play.” Hamza answered, “We cannot tell lies. Don’t be mean and selfish. Allow him to come play with us, Umar. He may be poor but he is our neighbour and our friend. Let’s bring him in to play!” They then went and called Usama in. Usama’s eyes lit up with joy when he saw their train set. He was fascinated by it and the boys began to praise how wonderful it was.

Their mother overheard them and said, “Say Ma-sha-Allah when praising your toys and thank Allah Ta’ala for his gifts.” The children did so and continued to play. Time passed swiftly and they had a wonderful time. Soon it was time for Usama to go. He thanked his friends for allowing him to play, saying that other friends were not so kind in sharing their toys.

Umar remained silent and was filled with shame. He was glad however that they had not lied to Usama. They had both really enjoyed playing with him.The boys thereafter all exchanged salaams and Usama left. Umar and Hamza then dismantled the train set and carefully packed all the little parts and batteries into the box.

As they were handing the box to their mother, to place in the cupboard, the Zuhr azaan went. They made wudhu and walked off to the musjid where they made their salaah with jamaah.


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