Yahya’s mother called out, “Yahya! Hurry up or you will be late! Your Daddy is already taking the car out of the garage!” “I’m coming!” called back Yahya. “I’m just slipping on my shoes and I’ll be there in a minute!”

First Yahya slipped on his right shoe. Then he slipped on his left. His shoe felt a bit strange and Yahya groaned in dismay. He now remembered that the previous day, his shoe had begun to open up at the front. It had looked like a fish-mouth.

He had intended to glue it together last night but had forgotten to do so. Just then his father hooted. It’s too late, he thought to himself. I don’t have other shoes that are suitable to wear to school. He grabbed his school satchel and raced to the car. He greeted his mother with a salaam on his way out and remembered to recite his dua for leaving the house. (Bismillahi tawakalltu al-Allah, la hawla wa la kuwatta illah billah –  [ (I leave) In the name of Allah (and) I have put my trust in Allah. And there is no power and might except with Allah]

Fortunately, Yahya made it to school on time or he would have had to stay in for detention. Yahya’s shoe felt strange and as the day went on, the fish-mouth in his shoe became much larger. At the end of the school day, the shoe was in a really bad state. He could hardly walk in it.

As he walked home, he was forced to take off his left shoe. It had become o bad to walk with that he had almost tripped and fell. Holding his shoe in his left hand, he limped the last few metres home wearing only the right shoe. 

Upon entering his house, he recited the dua for entering the home. (Allah-humma inni asalluka khairal mawlaji wa khairal makhraji. Bismillahi walajna wa bismillahi kharajna, wa allallahi rabbina tawakkalna – O Allah, I ask you the blessing of entering and leaving the home. With Allah’s name we enter and leave, and upon our sustainer Allah do we rely.)

He then made salaam aloud. His mother heard him and came to greet him, replying to his salaam. She at once noticed him walking with one shoe and exclaimed, “Why are you walking with one shoe on? Don’t you know that our Nabi (s.a.w) has said that one should not walk with only one shoe. He should either wear them both or remove them both.”

Yahya was surprised to hear this. He then answered his mother saying, “I did not know that! I only walked home with one shoe because my shoe broke on the way and I almost fell.”

“Well next time,” advised his mother, “see that you walk with either both your shoes or that you remove them both. I dislike seeing my son walking with only one shoe.”

Yahya apologized by saying, “Sorry Mummy! Now that I know that our Nabi (s.a.w) has prohibited us from walking with one shoe, I will avoid doing so in future.”


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