The Untidy Girl

There was once a girl called Husna who never stayed neat for long. She was often found to be dirty and untidy. Her mother would comb her hair neatly and tie it, only to find that Husna would untie it and once more have it hanging untidily around her face. If she ate yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate or porridge, she had to be reminded to wash her face clean again. Husna’s mother began to grow tired of always trying to keep her child neat and tidy.

One day Husna’s mother asked Husna’s dad to buy them a full length mirror for the passage wall. When it arrived, it was mounted on the wall at a height where Husna would be able to see her entire reflection. Husna’s mother called her and told her to stand in front of the mirror. She then taught Husna the dua to be read when looking in the mirror ( Allahumma anta hassanta khalqi fahassin khuluqi- O Allah, you have made my body beautiful, so beautify my character as well.)

Next she told Husna to examine her reflection and ponder:





Husna now had to tell her mother what the mirror reflected. If her teeth were unclean she had to brush them. If her hair was untidy she had to comb it. If her clothes or shoes were dirty, she had to change them. If her face, hands or feet were dirty, she had to go wash them. Husna had to do all of this, until she became neat and clean once more.
Soon Husna became a very neat girl. She would stand in front of the mirror, recite her dua, see what was wrong with her appearance and then go and correct it. Her mother became pleased to see the wonderful improvement in her daughter.

Everyone was so amazed to see an untidy girl had transformed into a neat and pretty girl. What’s more is that due to her always reciting the mirror dua, along with her appearance, Husna’s conduct also improved and she became a better Muslim.


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