Uwais was walking home one afternoon and had reached the street behind his home. ‘How nice it would be,’ he thought to himself, ‘if I could enter the neighbour’s yard and scale the wall, straight into my own backyard. It would really save me having to walk past another seven houses to get to my own house.’

Uwais knew it wasn’t right to enter someone’s property without permission but he decided to do so anyway. He was feeling tired and his feet were so sore. He was wearing the new shoes his mother had recently bought for him. His feet ached a lot, as they were still getting used to these shoes.

He unlatched the neighbour’s gate and saw a sign that said: ‘DO NOT TRESPASS! BEWARE OF THE DOG!’ He didn’t worry though as he knew that the dog was kept chained during the day. As he reached the wall separating his neighbour’s yard from his own, he heard a dog barking. He immediately recited the dua for when a dog barks: “Aa’oozu billahi minash shaitaanir rajeem.” (I SEEK PROTECTION IN ALLAH, FROM SHAITAAN THE CURSED ONE).

He then turned and saw to his horror that his neighbour’s dog was not chained, as he expected it to be. It was racing straight towards him. As quick as lightening, he scaled the wall but before he could get both legs over, the dog caught hold of his left shoe. Uwais kicked his shoe off, quickly jumping to safety. The dog barked for a few minutes and was then silent.

A little while later, Uwais climbed onto a crate and peeped over the wall to see if he could retrieve his shoe. He saw it lying a few metres away from the wall. He was relieved to see the dog was gone. On seeing the coast was clear, he brought his father’s fishing rod and fished out his shoe from his neighbour’s yard. To his dismay, he saw that the dog had chewed a small hole in his shoe. He slipped it on and saw that his big toe was peeping through.

‘What will my mother say?’ he thought to himself. As expected, his mother was really very annoyed to see the hole in his shoe. He had to explain how a new, good quality shoe had developed a hole in it. She warned him that his explanation had better be good and that she expected to hear the truth.

Uwais told his mother, “You are going to find this hard to believe but actually a dog chewed a hole in it!”

“What? How did a dog get hold of a shoe you were supposed to be wearing?” demanded his mother crossly. Uwais then related the entire incident.

When he finished he saw his mother was not pleased with him. She scolded him for trespassing through the neighbour’s yard. She then warned him to  never take short cuts and risk his life and belongings.

She later got his shoe mended by a cobbler and poor Uwais had to continue to wear the shoe until it became tight for him. After the encounter with the dog, he now knows better than to trespass and take unnecessary risks.


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  1. Please note that this story is actually based on something that really happened to one of my sons. Growing boys can often be naughty and a handful. Please feel free to share your comments on our stories, in the comments section.

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