Attiya and her mother were both  performing salaah in their namaaz room. Her mother who had started much earlier, completed her salaah and began to recite her tasbeehs. Atiyya, who was aware of her mother’s presence, was performing her salaah so well and with such care. She still had two more rakaats left to complete her salaah however, when the telephone rang. 

Her mother promptly got up and left the room to go answer the phone. Attiya thought to herself: ‘Here’s my chance to finish my salaah quickly’. However, before Attiya’s mother could answer the phone, it stopped ringing. She therefore returned back to the room but stopped short, alarmed at what she saw. Her daughter who had been performing her salaah so beautifully before this, was now simply racing through it.

She watched as her daughter went up, down, touched the ground and in a matter of moments soon finished and turned around. A look of guilt passed over Attiya’s face when she saw her mother glaring at her. So she quickly tried to cover her guilt by asking, “Who was that on the phone, Mummy?”
“No one,” replied her mother. “It stopped before I could answer it. Now, will you please explain to me what you were just doing?” 

“I was reading my salaah,” Attiya tried to say innocently.

“More like you were stealing in your salaah,” her mother accused.

“But mum, what did I steal?” she asked.
“Don’t you know that when we don’t perform ruku and sajda properly, we become of the worst thieves in the eyes of Allah? Even though Mummy was gone, didn’t you realise that Allah and his Malaaikah (Angels) were observing you? It is only Allah who we have to impress and not His creation.”

Attiya felt so guilty upon hearing this and her eyes filled up with tears. “Should I make taubah Mummy and repeat my two rakaats?” she asked her mother.  “Yes,” replied her mother, “but remember that taubah means making sincere repentance and one should try to never again repeat that sin.

Attiya now realised that she should always perform her salaah well, even if her mother was not watching and she should never ever steal from her salaah, as that would make her one the worst thieves in the sight of Allah.



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