Junaid’s cousin was getting married that weekend. Thus the family had gathered at the wedding home. The men were soon served lunch in the marquee whilst the ladies ate inside. After lunch, as the ladies cleared up the leftovers, the men stood around chatting, waiting for tea to be served. 

Nearby, the children were playing a game of ‘Hide and Seek’. Junaid and his cousin Irfaan were thus searching for a suitable place to hide. They soon spied what would make a great hiding place….’Junaid’s uncles car.’ His uncle had parked his car on a slight incline. This was great because it meant they wouldn’t be seen easily. Junaid and Irfaan crept in quickly after discovering it unlocked. They sat low to avoid being detected.

Not far away from them, Junaid’s mother watched them from the kitchen window. When she saw the children enter the car, she became alarmed and ran to get them out. Standing behind the car, she called out to Junaid’s father to remove them from the car. At that very moment however, Junaid while fidgeting with the handbrakes, lowered it. He became alarmed when he felt the car move. Since his mother had her back to the car, she did not notice the car begin to roll directly towards her. Her brother however did. Realizing that there was no time to waste, he quickly grabbed her by her arm and pulled her roughly to safety. Alas, he just wasn’t fast enough.

The corner of the car still grazed her knee, as it rolled past. Junaid’s mother’s knees buckled as she fell to the ground. The car narrowly missed running her over by inches. Onlookers stood rooted in shock. At that moment, one of the uncles recovered from his shock and sprang into action. He grabbed hold of the door, opened it and leaned over to reach the brakes. Then, yanking it hard, he brought the car to a sudden halt. Everybody let out a sigh of relief. Junaid  however was numb with shock. He climbed out of the car trembling. He was so alarmed when he saw his mum lying on the floor with blood stains on her clothing.

Junaid, his mother and Irfaan were then rushed off to hospital. Junaid’s mother received three stitches in hospital for her cut and Junaid and Irfaan were examined and treated for shock. Junaid soon recovered after seeing his mother was fine. The three were shortly discharged. As soon as they reached home, Junaid’s father gave out sadaqah. The three had narrowly escaped with their lives. Junaid and Irfaan were very fortunate to escape injury that day but Junaid felt so awful for causing his mother pain. Fortunately the car had been halted in time and his mum and other cars had been saved from serious harm.

Junaid learnt a very valuable lesson that day. Children should never play in cars. A small action could set a car rolling, with drastic results. Now he always advises other kids NEVER to play inside cars.


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