7. The Power Of Dua

Mrs Abdullah was worried, very worried. There was something wrong with her two-year-old Tasmia’s nose. She refused to let anyone touch it or wipe it. She just kept screaming in distress if anyone touched it. Mrs Abdullah finally resorted to drastic measures. She had her maid help her hold down her screaming child. She then shone a strong light on Tasmia’s face, in an effort to look into and inspect her nose. There, lodged at the back of Tasmia’s nose was something blue, the size of a small pea. Tasmia had somehow pushed it into her nose and it was now stuck. Mrs Abdullah was in a dilemma. What was she to do? How on earth.was she going to dislodge this thing?

First she tried sprinkling fine pepper on a tissue and holding it under Tasmia’s nose. It induced the sneezing she had hoped for but alas, the thing stayed lodged and would not come out. Mrs Abdullah then phoned her husband who advised her to give out sadaqah (charity) and wait for him. He arrived shortly and drove them to the doctor. They were lucky to only have a short wait in the doctor’s waiting room, before they were attended to. In the examination room the doctor examined the child. He confirmed that there was indeed something lodged in Tasmia’s nose.

They became very worried however when the doctor told them there was a very slim chance of dislodging it, in his surgery. “Can’t you try?” asked Mrs Abdullah. The doctor explained to them that since the child was very young and the obstruction too far back in her nasal passage, it didn’t seem possible. It would need to be surgically removed in a theatre, where they had all the necessary equipment and apparatus. Mrs Abdullah pleaded with the doctor to at least attempt to remove it in his surgery. Failing that, they would make the necessary arrangements. The doctor agreed to try.

He mounted a head-lamp on his head and got out a fine tweezer. He then instructed both parents to hold the child down securely and began his attempt. They did as instructed. Mrs Abdullah silently recited, “LA HAWLA WA LA QUWATTA ILLAH BILLAH” and then also prayed in earnest. “O Allah! You can remove this right now, if it is your will and save us further hassles and distress. Please remove it and help us. Please, O Allah. Remove this thing from Tasmia’s nose and cure her.” Seconds later the doctor exclaimed, “I can’t believe it! I’ve got it!” He lifted a small blue, pea- sized square cube he had dislodged. Mrs Abdullah recognized the blue button as belonging to a remote control. The doctor examined it and shook his head saying, “This is indeed a miracle!”

He showed them the tiny cube. It had only one pin-sized dent on it, which he had somehow managed to grip with his instrument. The doctor shook his head in disbelief. “The smooth surface with the single dent, should have made it almost impossible to remove, under ordinary circumstances,” he told them. Mrs Abdullah knew better and heaved a sigh of relief. She knew that her dua had been accepted. She said a silent prayer in her heart, thanking Almighty Allah. Allah had indeed listened to her plea and had removed the obstruction, without them needing to go to the hospital. The doctor was really convinced it was a miracle but she knew that it was simply the power of dua.


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