Being parted from a best friend is never easy, especially when you both have been friends for years. That’s why Tasneem was so saddened by the news that her best friend Aabida was moving to another town. Aabida’s father had been offered a fabulous job there and so the family was relocating.

Although Aabida was sad to leave, she knew that it wouldn’t be hard to adjust. She had many cousins there and she would be attending the same school as them. Tasneem however wondered how she was ever going to manage without Aabida. It had never been necessary for her to have any other close friends besides Aabida. So now, she’d be all alone. There would be nobody to study and share secrets with, no more shared lunches with Aabida and school would no longer be fun.

“Don’t worry”, Aabida said trying to console Tasneem. “The girls in our class are nice and you’ll soon make other friends. Besides, I’ll still be your friend. We can keep in touch by phoning and by writing letters. Won’t that be fun?” “But it won’t be the same!” sobbed Tasneem. “Give yourself time to adjust,” said Aabida, reciting the dua for bidding farewell*.

The week after Aabida’s departure was not an easy one for Tasneem. She spent most of her time feeling sorry for herself. “I wish she didn’t have to go,” she complained to her aunt one day. “I know you feel sad but it will get easier with time,” her aunt said reassuringly. “No, it won’t.” Tasneem stubbornly insisted.

“We all go through changes in life. Life never stays the same. We can’t always have our loved ones close to us but remember that Allah is always with us! I think that you should accept this as a test from Allah and make dua to Allah to make it easy on you,” her aunt advised.

Tasneem realized the wisdom of the advice she had been given. She decided that it was advice well worth taking. Going back to school without Aabida was not as bad as she thought it would be. Some of the girls in her class kindly invited her to join their group. She felt a bit strange at first but things got better with time.

Several months later, reflecting upon the changes in her life, Tasneem realized that she was quite content. Besides having Aabida as a long distance friend, she now had several close friends in school. It was fun being part of a group and having so many friends to play and study with. She realized that sometimes change is not such a bad thing after all.

*{Astodiullaha deenaka wa amaanataka wa kawaateema amalika – I give in trust to Allah your deen (religion), your belonging and the results of your deeds).


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