13.The Study Blues

It was Friday afternoon and as the children were leaving
madrassah, they were reminded by their muallimah that their fiqh exam was on Monday. Aadila was not pleased at the idea of having to study during the weekend, as weekends were a time she only wanted to play and relax. This weekend isn’t going be very enjoyable, she thought to herself. That evening, she briefly considered starting with her studying. It wasn’t a very appealing idea though, so she convinced herself that there was no rush. After all, she still had the entire weekend to study. I’l| start tomorrow,” she told

The next day, her mother reminded her several times about her exam but there always seemed something more interesting to do than studying. In the morning, she went with her parents on their shopping trip. In the afternoon, her friends from next door called her to join them in their game. In the evening, she and her brothers convinced their parents to take them out for ice cream.

As she lay in bed that night, she realized that she hadn’t studied at all. She wasn’t worried however as she still had the entire Sunday to learn. The next day, after breakfast, her uncle and his family came to visit. Aadila became so busy with her cousins, that all thoughts of studying fled from her mind. Since her mother convinced the family to stay for lunch and then for late afternoon tea, it was already time for Asr salaah when they left.

Aadila finally sat down to study for the first time that weekend on Sunday evening. When she opened her book though, she realized how much of work she had to go through. She then became overwhelmed at the thought of cramming all that studying, into one night. She was already exhausted, her head ached and she found it hard to concentrate. She also felt short of breath and overcome by panic. “How will I ever be able to learn all this before my exam tomorrow, if I can’t concentrate?” she asked herself.

Her mother found her crying a little while later. Big fat tears plopped onto her Figh textbook. “I can’t concentrate”, she sobbed. “I left my studying for too late and now my head aches and I’m so tired. I think I’m going to fail my exam tomorrow.”

“You are panicking and stressed because you’ve left your studying for the last minute. You have none to blame but yourself,” her mother said. “Now take a deep breath and calm down, then we can plan how you’re going to fix this.” Once Aadila had calmed down, they decided that she would divide her studying into three parts.

She would only learn one part that night. She would then go to bed after Esha salaah since she was so tired and her mother would wake her up a little earlier than usual, for Fajr salaah. She would get the second part of her studying done before Fajr salaah. The last part could get done during her school breaks and just before she went to madrassah. Everything worked according to their plan.

Each time that she read salaah, Aadila made dua to Allah SWT to help her and make it easy for her. The next day, she did well enough in her exam but she later reflected that she could have done better, if she hadn’t had to rush through her studying. She promised herself that in future, she would study in advance and never put herself through that kind of stress again, the day before an exam.


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