17.The Brisk Shower

Juwairiya was staying by her favourite aunt, for a few days during the holiday. Her little cousin Sameeka was overjoyed at her staying there. She dogged her footsteps and even insisted on sleeping with her every night. On the third morning of her stay, Juwairiya awoke suddenly upon hearing her aunt frantically call out, “Hurry up Juwairya and prepare for salaah! We are quite late today, as I overslept!” Juwairya sat up and then groaned in dismay. “Oh no, Aunty! Little Sameeka has wet the bed! How am I ever going to have a bath and perform my salaah on time?”
“Easy,” replied her aunt. “Have a very brisk shower, making sure you wash all the parts of your body that have been soiled.”

Juwairiya hurriedly climbed out of bed, rinsed her hands and extracted clean clothing and underwear from her suitcase. She then headed straight for the bathroom. “Don’t waste time,” advised her aunt, as she left the room. “There’s sufficient time to shower and perform your four rakaah of Fajr, if you don’t delay!” “I’ll try to be as fast as possible,” said Juwairiya.

Juwairiya used the toilet in the bathroom first, determined to be quick. She relieved herself, made istinja (washed) and gently closed the toilet seat. She then quickly slipped off her clothes outside the shower, beginning from the left side. After adjusting the water temperature, Juwairiya swiftly entered, showered quickly and soon left the shower cubicle.

Juwairiya towelled herself dry and slipped on her clothes, beginning from the right side. As she glanced at her watch, she was pleased to note that her brisk shower had only taken her a few minutes. When she entered the namaaz room, her aunt was just about to complete her salaah. Juwairiya didnt waste time but stood alongside her and began performing her own salaah. After salaah she recited “Allahu Akbar” once and “Astagfirullah,” thrice followed by “Allahumma antassalaam waminkas salaam tabarakta ya zaljalali wal ikram [O Allah! Forgive me! You are the source of peace. Exalted are You, O Lord of Majesty and Honour.]

Then she recited:

“33 x Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah),

33 x Alhamdulillah (All praise be to Allah) and

34 x Allahu Akbar (Allah is great),”

followed by Ayatul Kursi.

These were daily zikrs that she always recited after each salaah and very seldom missed out on. Thereafter she helped her aunt strip the bed, change the sheets and returned to her prayer mat once more, to recite Surah Yaseen*, as was her usual practice after Fajr salaah. Her aunt went off to bath little Sameeka.

Juwairiya had just completed her Surah Yaseen, when her aunt returned with the freshly bathed toddler. Her aunt dressed Sameeka and tucked her once more into Juwairiya’s bed. She was soon fast asleep. Juwairiya later informed her aunt, that the shower had been the fastest she could ever remember having. She felt empowered knowing how possible it was, to have a brisk shower, whenever the need arose.

* Through the barakah (blessings) of Surah Yaseen, Allah Ta’ala solves all our problems.


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