Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Dear Readers.

Our apologies to all for not having posted for so long. Little Blessings Stories will resume again after the Haj season InshaAllah. We are hoping to make it up to you all in the coming days however, with a brand new series called ‘Laughter And Tears’. (First post should be up in the next 24 hrs).

This ‘Laughter And Tears’ series is meant to be read to, or read by, all our little fans or readers, especially those whose mums n dads are away on Haj. Pretty soon our Haji’s will be back home, safe and sound having completed a Mabroor Haj InshaAllah.

Meantime enjoy your time with your cherished loved ones and let us use this opportunity to instill in each other ‘Quality Islamic Characteristics’ to benefit us and them, in Duniya and in Aakirah InshaAllah. Happy Reading!

Fee Amaanillah.🌸

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