Huda had temporarily forgotten about her parents, during the day, distracted by her siblings. However when night fell, she cried alot and no amount of pacifying could distract her. Nani sat rocking her for hours in her arms, pacing up and down, struggling to make her sleep.

Khaira and Abdur-Rahman sat quietly on the couch, hugging their legs to their chests, unable to sleep due to Huda’s loud cries for ‘Maa-mee’ and ‘Da-dee’. They didn’t cry though because they were big. At least too big to cry loudly like Huda, even though they really felt like doing so too. They missed their parents ever so much. Finally, Huda’s loud cries subsided, and exhausted from crying, she finally fell asleep.

Their tired nani settled on the couch next to them. “Let’s get you two to bed also,” she said.

After Nani had tucked them into bed and read their Kalimas and Surahs for protection (Ayatul Kursi and Quls) with them, Abdur-Rahman asked, “Nani, why do our parents have to leave us? Do they have to make Hajj? Why can’t they make Hajj when we are all big?”

Nani sat down onto Khaira’s bed and smiled. “Now is not the best time for a story, but I suppose nani’s are for spoiling. Do you know the story of Ibraheem عليه السلام , my dear?”

Abdur Rahman shook his head while Khaira scrunched her nose, trying to think. “I know a little bit, but I can’t really remember most of it,” she said slowly.

“Okay then, let me tell you the amazing story,” Nani said.

Warm and cosily tucked into their beds, Khaira and Abdur- Rahman’s ears pricked eagerly. Nani always told the best stories, and they couldn’t wait to hear this one. Most grown-ups just read stories to children out of books, but Nani didn’t simply read the stories, she TOLD them. No one they knew could tell stories as well as her, with such emotion, hand gestures and facial expressions. They couldn’t wait for the story to begin!


2 thoughts on “CHAPTER TWO

  1. Stories are wonderful and gripping, can’t wait for the next part.

    I read them out to the kids I’m teaching and they enjoy too.

    Keep up the wonderful work.
    Allah take u and the team from strength to strength, and except all ur jaiz duas

    Liked by 1 person

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