Chapter Ten

The children awoke bright and early on Eid morning. Abdur-Rahman and Nana soon set off for to the musjid for Fajr salaah. Khaira read her Fajr alongside Nani and they then recited their Takbeer e Tashreek. As Nani was completing her Surah Yaseen, Nana and Abdur Rahman returned from the musjid. All soon rushed off to have quick showers. Khairah donned her new abaya whilst Abdur Rahmaan wore his new kurta.

Abdur Rahmaan and Nana then applied itr and set off for the Eid Salaah. After Eid Salaah the children rushed off, to change once more into the overalls they had brought to wear for the sheep slaughtering. Donning these, they raced off to go spend more time with the three sheep that were in the back of Nana’s van. They gave the sheep more hay and water and touched the sheep through the bars, chatting to them.

A while later Nana came out and draped an old tablecloth over the bars, blocking off the sheep’s view to the yard. When the children asked him why, he replied he didn’t want the sheep viewing the slaughter of the other sheep. “We must be very kind during slaughter,” said Nana. “We must not let the sheep see the knife or let it witness the slaughter of other sheep and be distressed.”

Soon it was time to cut the sheep and they all gathered around to watch. After reciting Takbeer e Tashreek Nana quickly slaughtered the first of the three sheep. As soon as the first cut sheep had cooled a bit, the skinning began. The liver was given to nani and she rushed off inside to fry the chopped up liver ( kaleji). Nani and Nana had been fasting till now and when the liver was cooked they ate a few morsels to break their fast. They all then tucked into the lovely spread naani had laid out for eid breakfast.

The children were kept busy for the rest of the morning, watching the qurbani clean-up activities in the yard. After zuhr the three carcasses were loaded up in nana’s van. The children went off with Nana to the butchery, to slice up the meat. They returned home an hour later and ate a lovely lunch of Biryani and Sojee, the children’s favourite meal. The rest of the afternoon was spent helping Nana and Nani parcel up the meat. Thereafter they went with Nana in his van to deliver the meat to some friends and relatives and to some poor homes.

After all the qurbani activities for the day were over, all had quick showers again and once more wore their eid abayas and kurtas. They then set off for their their uncle’s house. Here they exchanged greetings of “taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum,” with family and friends. They had a lovely braai there and enjoyed swapping exciting eid stories with their cousins.

Later that night Abdur Rahman and Khaira realised that they had been so busy throughout the day, they had hardly had time to miss their parents. Just then Abdur Rahman remarked to Khaira, “There are only five more days for mummy and daddy to return! We have so much to tell them when they get back!” “Yes indeed,” said Khaira, “l just can’t wait!”

This marks the end of our ten chapters of our Hajj series. We hope the children enjoyed the tales and ask your forgiveness for any errors or shortcomings. May Almighty Allah accept our humble efforts. AAMEEN.

…from The Little Blessings Team.


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