23.Yo-Yo Pants

Salmaan returned home from madrassah one day and presented his mother with a note from his Maulana. “What’s this for?” asked his mother. He didn’t answer but flushed guiltily. His mother swiftly tore open the envelope and began to read the note. Peering over her shoulder, Salmaan began to read it too.

The note went as follows:

Respected parents
It greatly saddens me to inform you, that some of my pupils are playing yo-yo with their pants. They wear their pants folded above their ankles for hifz classes and salaah but as soon as they leave the class, unfold their pants allowing them to fall well over their ankles. This is really a major sin in Islam and a severe warning has been given in the following hadith: ‘Whatever portion of the ankles (of males) is covered by any garment (coming from above e.g. pants, kurta, sheet etc.) will be in the fire’.

I regret to inform you that your son Salmaan is one of them. Should your child wish to cover his ankles with his garment, he should only do so wearing socks. Please ensure that all Salmaan’s pants are hemmed to sunnah length to eliminate this problem, as I refuse to allow boys wearing yo-yo pants, to remain in my class anymore. They must either comply with our Islamic shariah requirements or find another madrassah to attend.

Salaams Maulana

Salmaan’s mother frowned and turned around to inspect her son’s pants. She saw they were securely pinned down to the required length, with safety pins. “Who pinned down your pants for you?” she asked Salmaan. “My Maulana did,” he replied. “He said we will have to pin them from now on, whenever they’re too long, until they are hemmed. This way we cannot make excuses to him that they unfolded themselves.”

She then asked Salmaan, in a sad voice, “Why are you lifting and dropping your pants like a yo-yo, Salmaan? Haven’t you always been taught that the prohibition for wearing your pants above the ankles is not only just for salaah, but for standing and walking as well?”
“I have,” replied Salmaan meekly, turning red with guilt.
“So why are you unfolding your pants and allowing them to fall over your ankles?” asked his mother. “Aren’t you happy to dress according to sunnah?”
“I am,” replied Salmaan. “It’s just that some of my friends from the neighbourhood tease and taunt me. They say I look like a beggar. I don’t like them saying that and I dislike being a misfit. That’s why I sometimes unfold my pants. I just want to be able to fit in with them.”

“Salmaan!” his mother said concerned, “If that’s the kind of friends they are, they are just not worth knowing. Make yourself some better friends. Friends who will be concerned about your aakirah and who wish to please Allah SWT and his Nabi (s.a.w) with their actions.

As your elders its our duty to see that you follow the noble sunnah of our Nabi (s.a.w) by wearing your pants above your ankles. Are you really happy being friends with boys like these?”
“Well, not always,” answered Salmaan truthfully. “I often feel guilty when they do certain things which I know are sinful.” His mother then advised him that he should listen to his heart and abandon all these evil friends. He was better off alone than being with bad company.


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