Allah Is Always With Us.

One busy Saturday morning, Abdullah went shopping with his parents. The store they went to was full of people carrying baskets and pushing trolleys. It was also very, very, noisy. “Stay close to us, Abdullah,” his mother said. “I don’t want you to get lost!”

Abdullah tried his best to stay close to his parents as he didn’t want to get lost. Then, he saw something that made him forget everything else. There in the toy section, was a wonderful set of toy cars.

There were cars in different colours and shapes. Abdullah simply loved cars. He loved racing and playing with them. There was a bright red car he saw on the shelf that he liked. It looked just like one that his friend had.

He turned around to show his mother the cars but she wasn’t there. Neither was his father. They can’t be gone far, he thought to himself. So he walked a little more thinking he would find them, but he just couldn’t see them anywhere. Where could they be?

The more he walked, the more lost Abdullah became. He was so little and the people around him were so tall. He kept getting pushed around, as people shopped with their baskets and their large trolleys. How would he ever be able to find his parents among so many people?

After a while, Abdullah began to get very frightened. I am all alone he thought to himself. ‘How will I get home?’ he wondered. Big tears started rolling out and falling from his eyes. He sat down in a corner and cried. He cried because he was so scared of being alone. He cried because he wanted his mother. He really wished that he had remembered to stay close to her.

A lady saw him crying and stopped. “Are you lost?” she asked him. Abdullah couldn’t answer her, as he was crying so much. Then he heard something wonderful. It was his mother’s voice. “Abdullah,” she said, “we’ve been looking all over for you!” Abdullah rushed to hug his mother.

“I was so scared,” he sobbed and cried. “I was all alone.”

“Oh Abdullah, don’t you know that you are never alone?” his mother said. “How can any of us ever be alone, when Allah is with us every minute of every day? Whenever we feel scared or even a little sad, we should always remember to pray to Allah. Allah’s help is always there. Mummies and daddies can’t be there all the time but Allah can and will always be there!”

Abdullah then began to feel better. If Allah was always with him, then Allah would always be there to help him, guide him and protect him. Each one of us should remember that lesson too. None of us is ever alone. At every moment, of every day, Allah is with us and Allah will always be with us.

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