The Girl Who Loved Jumping On The Bed.

There was once a little girl who loved jumping on the bed. Her mother would get cross to see the neatly made-up bed often untidy. She was so afraid that one day her child would fall and get badly hurt. So she warned her child to please stop jumping on the bed.This naughty girl however just loved jumping on the bed, so she did not listen.

She would enjoy herself jumping on the bed, whenever her mother was busy and not looking. But one day she learnt her lesson the hard way. She was jumping on the bed, when she fell and hit her cheek on the wooden bed-post. Suddenly there was blood everywhere….on the bed, on her face, on her clothes and on the floor.

The little girl screamed in horror at the sight of so much of blood. Her wound which had been numb at first, began to throb with pain. So the girl just screamed and cried, till her mother came running to her.

Her mother was so shocked by what she saw. She then quickly ran to attend to her child’s wound. Luckily, she was soon able to stop the flow of blood. The naughty girl was comforted and then washed and cleaned up. The messed room however took much longer to clean, before all traces of blood were removed.

The girl was very lucky she did not need any stitches. This incident left a tiny scar on her cheek, which she has up till today. It reminds her of the time she did not listen to her mother. She does not jump on the bed anymore but now loves jumping on trampolines and jumping castles.


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