There was once a little boy called Ebrahim who loved to litter. If he ate or drank something, he would stuff the wrappers somewhere – in a drawer, a cupboard, under the bed or behind the curtains. He was too lazy to put his litter in the bin.

Ebrahim’s mother often scolded him but he simply ignored her. His family would get cross when they came across his dirt, but he just didn’t want to listen and stop littering. Then one day, he was taught a lesson in a way he would never forget.

His granny had come to stay for a week and before long she discovered Ebrahim’s naughty habit. She was so disgusted and wanted to teach Ebrahim a lesson. So she called the maid secretly and gave her a big box. She asked her to collect in it all Ebrahim’s dirt. At the end of the week the box was full of wrappers, packets and bottles.

Before Ebrahim’s granny went home she called the whole family together. She began to hand out gifts to everyone, including the maid.  Everybody was thrilled to be getting a gift. Ebrahim was the most excited as his gift-wrapped box was the biggest and quite heavy.

He quickly began to unwrap his box. Imagine his shock when he found it full of the week’s dirt. It made him feel so embarrassed and ashamed of himself. He decided there and then that in future he would throw all his dirt in the bin, instead of littering.

His granny smiled at him sadly but promised him his gift on her next visit if he gave up littering. If he did not give up this habit, she warned him she would simply give the gift to somebody else. Do you think he received his gift?


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  1. Wow. . Jazakallah for these lovely posts. . Gonna use them for reading purposes for my daughter for next year as I’m homechooling her. The stories are simple for her age too & I’m loving the lessons. Looking forward to more.

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    1. Don’t get to much of a shock. Yes it’s me. I’m part of this team also but these stories are not new however the real book now being blogged.
      Ameen. That’s exactly the reason we decided to blog them. It’s so nice to receive such positive feedback.

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