The Sandwich

Farhaan was a cute chubby boy. He loved food and he really loved eating the polony slices his father bought each week. He could eat and eat until he felt stuffed. His parents often scolded him and told him not to make a meal out of the polony, as they were for lunch sandwiches. He was allowed to take a slice or two for a snack but was advised to eat it with bread, as this is more filling.

Farhaan however, loved to eat it plain and would eat slice after slice until they were all finished. It was the final straw when his mother began making polony sandwiches one morning, only to discover that he had once again eaten up all the polony. She decided to teach him a lesson.

During the lunch break, Farhaan and his friend Irshaad sat together on one of the school benches. Irshaad opened his lunch first and exclaimed,  “I’ve got steak sandwiches today, my favourite!” Farhaan then opened his lunch box to see what his mother had packed for him. He couldn’t believe his eyes!!!

His mother had only packed for him two slices of plain bread. He lifted the bread to check properly and found a little note tucked between the bread. It read: ‘This could have been a polony sandwich, however a greedy boy ate and finished all the polony. I hope this teaches him a lesson.’  Farhaan and Irshaad stared in astonishment at the note.

Irshaad then exclaimed, “Your mum must be really cross to have done a thing like that!” Farhaad replied, “I deserve it. She has often scolded me about this bad habit. I feel really ashamed today and Insha-Allah I wont ever be so greedy again.”

Irshaad then offered, “Here,  share my lunch with me.” Farhaad refused and said that he would eat the plain bread as his mother meant him to. In this way, he would never forget this lesson. He learnt his lesson the hard way but he learnt it well.


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