The Runaway Sheep

A baby boy was born and his parents were so filled with joy. For the next few days they searched for a good, suitable name to give their son. On the seventh day they named him, as this is sunnah. They named their son Ahmad.

Two more sunnahs performed that day were Ahmad’s hair was shaved off and aqeeqa done. Aqeeqa is a means of thanking Allah SWT. Two goats or sheep are slaughtered for a boy OR one goat or sheep for a girl. Aqeeqa is also a form of sadaqah that safeguards a child against misfortune. Ahmad’s dad bought and brought home two sheep for his son’s aqeeqa.

Before the sheep could be slaughtered in the backyard that day for aqeeqa, something unexpected happened!

Can you guess what???

Well, one naughty sheep got free and started to run towards the open gate of the yard. It then ran out of the yard, crossed a road and ran off towards some hills.

Family and friends that were there, were startled to see it running away and ran and chased after it. They were however, not able to catch it. Finally, they lost sight of the sheep. They searched for it a little more but couldn’t find it and returned without it.

Since Ahmad’s father could afford to buy another sheep, he did do. He then sacrificed the two sheep (as was sunnah) for his son. The runaway sheep was never found by them and till this day the family still wonder what happened to it.


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