4. The Greedy Girl

It was Saturday morning and Sakeena was getting ready to go outside to play with friends from her building. As she was going out of the door, her mother called her and placed a box in her hands. “What’s this, mummy?” she asked.

“These are fresh cream doughnuts for you to share with your friends,” said her mummy. Sakeena looked into the box and saw that her mother had cut two big long doughnuts into halves. This meant that she and her three friends would each get half a doughnut to eat. Sakeena loved doughnuts but her mother didn’t let her have them very often. As she walked down the stairs with the box, she realized her mother wouldn’t know if she shared the doughnuts with her friends or not. This was the perfect chance for her to eat as much as she wanted.

      Her friends were waiting for her at the grassy patch, where they always played. She greeted them and then sat down on the grass and opened the box. Her friends’ mouths watered as they saw the fat sugary doughnuts, oozing with fresh cream. They waited for Sakeena to offer to share but this greedy girl did not. Sakeena even forgot to read her dua before eating, as she took her first big bite. Her friends watched enviously as she licked the fresh cream off her fingers and ate some more.

      Soon her friends began to play, trying hard not to watch her eat. The doughnuts were delicious and Sakeena was really enjoying them. Soon however, she began to feel really full. At first she had been taking big bites but now she could barely swallow the smallest of bites. She still had two pieces of doughnuts left and knew she couldn’t take them back upstairs, as her mother would know she hadn’t shared. It was too late to offer her friends now, for they would know that she was only sharing because she couldn’t finish them.

      Sakeena had to just continue stuffing herself slowly with the doughnuts even though she felt so full. The doughnuts no longer tasted as delicious as they once had and were starting to make her feel really awful. Suddenly Sakeena started feeling sick and knew she was going to throw up. She ran up the stairs with her hand covering her mouth.

      Unfortunately, she didnt make it to their bathroom on time. She vomited right outside the door of their flat. The doughnuts which had looked so lovely earlier in the box, now looked a disgusting sight as she threw up. Her mouth felt so dry and smelt so horrible too. Sakeena felt really miserable.

      Her mother, who had to clean up the awful mess, was really cross with her for not sharing. “You greedy girl,” she scolded. “Not only did you make yourself sick but you also lost out on all the reward from Allah Ta’ala, by not sharing what you love!” This made Sakeena feel even worse. Later, she watched from her bedroom window as her friends played happily outside. She was really envious as she lay in bed feeling so weak. Her greed had made her sick and had cost her a day of fun with her friends. 


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