5. The Box Of Handkerchiefs

Naseera was opening all the Eid gifts that she had received from her various aunts, uncles and cousins. She soon noticed that two gifts she received were exactly the same….pretty gift-boxed handkerchiefs. She asked her mother what she should do about this. Her mother told her not to mention this to the cousins who had given her the gifts, to avoid hurting their feelings. She also suggested that she could give one box to a friend instead of hoarding it. “In this way,” said her mother, “you will be practising on the hadith: EXCHANGE GIFTS WITH ONE ANOTHER, YOU WILL LOVE EACH OTHER.”

“That’s exactly what I shall do. I’ll give it to my best friend Khadija,” Naseera said. “She has a sinus problem and always needs tissues and handkerchiefs. Her handkerchiefs are also quite old and faded and I’m sure she will love these new ones.”

The following day at school, Naseera presented Khadija with the box of handkerchiefs. Khadija beamed with joy at the gift and thanked Naseera by saying “Jazakillahu Khairah.” (May Allah grant you a good reward). She then said, “I also have a gift for you but it is quite small, compared to what you have given me.” She then handed Naseera a beautiful pencil. Naseera smiled and thanked her saying, “A gift is a gift and it doesn’t matter how small or big it is. It is the thought behind it that counts. I will treasure this beautiful pencil and make dua for you when using it.”

The two girls then walked towards their classroom. Just then Khadija sneezed and said:  “Alhamdulillah.” (Praise be to Allah).

Naseera answered, “Yarhamukillah!” (May Allah have mercy on you). Khadeeja then replied, “Yahdeekumullah!”(May Allah guide you). That afternoon Naseera showed her mother her gift and remarked, ” It is indeed true that when two people exchange gifts the love between them increases.”

(Note -‘Yarhamukillah changes to Yarhamukallah for a male)

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