It was time for Esha Salaah. Daadi (granny) realized that the males were back from the musjid and she had not yet performed her salaah. She left whatever she was doing and hastened to perform her salaah. As she entered her bedroom, she switched on the light. She saw that her little grand-daughter was still fast asleep, on her bed.

Suddenly there was a movement above her head  and she looked up and saw a creature, flying in circles around her room. She screamed in fright and Zaid her grandson, came running to see what had happened. Pointing to the ceiling, she showed him the creature and told him there was a ‘flying rat’ in her room. Zaid laughed and explained that it was just a ‘bat’ that had probably entered through the open room window.

“Well,” said Daadi, “don’t just stand there! Get rid of it before falls on my sleeping grandchild. I want it out of my room, right now!” Zaid watched it flying around in circles and marvelled at how bats are blind yet can fly around so well, without constantly knocking into the walls. ‘How was he to get rid of it, without harming it?’ he wondered to himself.

Just then he had an idea. He went and fetched his father’s tennis racket and a house spade. As the bat flew overhead in circles, he waved the racket to and fro above his head, until the bat knocked into it and fell down on the carpet. Before he could do anything however, the bat soared to the ceiling and began to fly, round and round again.

He repeated his action with the racket again and this time when it fell, he swiftly but gently, pushed it onto the house spade and held it there with the racket. He then went and threw it out of the window, where it soared off into the night. His granny closed the window quickly and thanked him profusely. She said that she would now be able to perform her salaah peacefully, without having the bat flying above her and distracting her.

Have you ever seen a bat flying?


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