Moosa was very excited. His uncle had just recently returned from Hajj and had sent a lovely box of presents for Moosa’s family. Everyone’s gift was individually wrapped and labelled. His mother’s and sister’s packages contained scarves. His father unwrapped his gift and found a bottle of attar inside. Moosa’s gift was in an oblong shaped box. He amused himself trying to guess what was inside. When he finally opened the box, he was confused and very disappointed. There was only a twig inside.

“What did you get, Moosa?”  his mother asked. “Oh, nothing special. Just a twig,” he replied, trying hard not to let the disappointment sound in his voice. “I think perhaps uncle forgot to buy me a gift, so he wrapped a twig for me in a nice box. He probably got it from one of the trees in his backyard!” He held it up to show his mother. His mother laughed. “That’s not just a twig, Moosa. That’s a miswaak!”

“It’s a what? ” Moosa asked.

“A miswaak,”  his mother replied. “It’s used to brush the teeth.”

Moosa was bewildered. “But I use a toothbrush to brush my teeth,” he said.

“Well, a toothbrush is man-made and not as special as a miswaak,” his mother said. “Using a miswaak is a Sunnah of Nabi (s.a.w). Allah Ta’ala becomes very pleased with that person who uses a miswaak.”

“When is it used?” asked Moosa.

“A miswaak is used throughout the day,” his mother replied. “We should use it before and after eating, before sleeping and upon awakening and also use it at the time of wudhu. The reward for reading salaah after using a miswaak, is also much greater than a salaah read without using a miswaak.”

His mother then took out a book from the bookshelf and handed it to Moosa, so he could read more about the miswaak. Moosa was amazed at the benefits and sawaab that Allah SWT had placed in using a miswaak. He learnt that the miswaak helps to strengthen the eyesight, removes phlegm and helps to keep the stomach in order. He realized what great power Allah Ta’ala had placed in the ‘twig’ his uncle had given him. When he learnt how often Nabi (saw) used a miswaak, he decided to make this sunnah part of his life.

He was thereafter no longer disappointed with his gift. In fact, he later commented to his mother that this was one of the best and most beneficial gifts that he had ever received. He began to use his miswaak from that day and it is a habit that he has never broken.


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