Aunty Saajida had just finished making a huge batch of rotis. She placed three on a plate and covered them lightly with a clean cloth. The rest of the rotis were covered well and kept away. She then left the kitchen and went to go tidy up her bedroom.

Outside the house three monkeys were swinging from the trees, when the tantalising scent of rotis attracted them. They noticed the open kitchen window and jumped onto the windowsill. Seeing that no one was in the kitchen, they climbed in through the window. Gazing around the kitchen, one monkey saw a fruit platter and helped himself to a ripe banana. The other two followed suit. They all just loved bananas.

Meanwhile Aunty Saajida heard some strange sounds coming from her kitchen. Frightened, her heart began beating faster and she quickly recited the dua which is recited at the time of distress: (Husbiyallahu Wa Ni’ Mal Wakeel – Allah is enough for me and is the Best Helper).

She decided to bravely go peep into the kitchen to investigate, before she called for help. Doing so she couldn’t believe the sight that met her eyes. Her intruders were monkeys!!! Each of the monkeys sat on her kitchen table eating a peeled banana. She made a harsh sound and all three turned to look at her boldly.

Aunty Saajida now decided she had to get rid of the monkeys from her house. She opened the passage cupboard and pulled out a broom. Holding it bravely in front of her, she waved it to and fro, yelling at the monkeys to go from her house. One of the monkeys picked up her rolling pin that was lying nearby and copied her actions. Then as she advanced into the kitchen, it realised she  meant business and the monkey headed for the window.

On its way, it passed the plate of rotis and helped itself to a roti first before climbing out of the window. The second and third monkey also did the same. An astonished Aunty Saajida just watched in amazement. She was relieved however that the monkeys had left and quickly closed her kitchen window. She then proceeded to clean up all the mess.

A short while later her neighbour telephoned saying,  “There are monkeys sitting on our boundary wall! Can you guess what they’re doing? Aunty Saajida answered, “I’m sure they are having a roti party.” “How did you guess?” asked her neighbour.

Aunty Saajida told her the story and then went to look at the monkeys. She hoped they wouldn’t come back to make pests of themselves. She smiled as she watched them eat, thinking how amused her children would be when she told them about the intruders.

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    1. Oops. . Yeah mokeys came in through the bathroom window, thankfully after my daughter came out of the bath tub & then helped themselves to the complimentary sweets from the resort as well as our mangoes. . 🙈

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