Chapter Four

The children awoke the next morning in strange beds and were sad. They missed their parents and missed their own home. Then they remembered the story that Nani had been telling them and brightened up. They rushed off to find her. They found Nani and begged her to please please tell them the rest of the story. Nani shook her head. “First we need to eat,” she said. “Then you both need to go shower and change.”

The children were so eager to hear more, that they rushed off to have breakfast, then showered and dressed in record time. They ran to tell Nani they were done but Nani was still busy bathing and then changing Huda. They waited impatiently until FINALLY, Nani finished and sat down to continue the story.

“Ibraheem (A.S) was put on the huge catapult, with his hands and feet tied, ready to be flung into the fire. The fire was ready with its flames reaching towards the sky. The people stood far away from the pit because of the intense heat. Then the chief priest gave his order to cast Ibraheem into the fire.

Just then, the angel Jibraeel came to Ibraheem (A.S) and asked him: “Oh Ibraheem! Do you wish for

Ibraheem asked, “Did Allah SWT send you?”

Jibraeel (A.S) said: “No.”

Ibraheem (A.S) replied: “Then I want nothing from you.”

Look at how strong Ibraheem (A.S) was. Even though Jibraeel (A.S) came to ask if he needs help, Ibraheem (A.S) only wanted Allah Ta’ala to help him. The catapult was shot and Ibraheem was cast into the fire.”

Tears of shock and pity filled the children’s eyes. However nani’s next few sentences of the story, soon changed their tears into smiles and then joyful laughter.

“But his descent into the fire was like going down on steps into a cool garden. The flames were still there, but they did not burn Ibraheem (A.S) for Allah Ta’ala had command the fire: “Oh fire! Be cool and safe for Ibraheem.”

SO the fire became cool and safe for Ibraheem. It only burned the ropes that tied his hands, and he just sat in the middle of the fire as if he were sitting in a garden. He thanked Allah Ta’ala for saving him.

All the people sat watching the fire from a distance. It was so hot that it was almost burning their faces and nearly suffocating them. After a long time the fire finally went out, the people were amazed to find Ibraheem (A.S) coming out of the pit untouched by the fire. Their faces were black from the smoke yet the face of Ibraheem (A.S) was bright.

Cries of astonishment were heard from the people. They had wanted to harm Ibraheem (A.S), but Allah Ta’ala had saved him. Many of the people started following Ibraheem (A.S) after seeing this. They now understood that Allah alone was the one true god who controlled everything.


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