Chapter Six

Must I tell you all a story about saying “Alhamdulillah?” Nani asked. Khaira and Abdur- Rahman nodded eagerly while Huda, still seated on Nani’s lap, happily copied them.

“In the time of the Bani Israeel, Musa عليه السلام was walking and he came across a very poor man who didn’t even have clothes to wear. He was sitting in soft sand that was covering his body. So the man told Musa عليه السلام، “Ask Allah till when will he make me suffer? I’m in such difficulty. When is he going to give me something?” The poor man was really very poor. He had nothing.

Then the prophet passed by a rich man who was crippled. He had very expensive shoes, but he could not walk. That man also gave a request to Musa عليه السلام. He said, “Tell Allah, he has given me so much. Much more than I can ever ask for and more than I need. I am so grateful to Allah and convey my thanks to Him but tell Allah that now, whatever other servant of his is in need, give him rather.

So the Prophet Musa (A.S) submitted their requests to Allah. Allah responded, “Tell the rich man when he becomes ungrateful then I’ll stop giving him. And tell the poor man to be grateful.”

So after a while, the prophet passed by the rich man again and the man questioned him, “Did you tell Allah what I had asked you to? Because instead of all my wealth and blessings stopping, I’m now getting even more!”

The prophet replied that he had told Allah Ta’ala and he conveyed to the man what Allah Ta’ala said. The rich man then said, “But how can I be ungrateful to Allah who has given me so much. NEVER!”

Then he passed by the poor man, and the poor man questioned him, “Did you tell Allah Ta’ala what I had said?” Musa عليه السلام told him what Allah Ta’ala had said. The man incredulously replied, “How can I be grateful? Allah has given me nothing! What is there for me to be grateful for?” And then a strong gust blew, and the sand that was covering his body flew away.”

Khaira and Abdur Rahman stared wide eyed in shock at Nani after hearing the story. “At least he had sand to cover him before this! He was also well and not cripple! He shouldn’t have been so ungrateful! He should have been grateful for the sand he had covering him at least and said ‘Alhamdulillah’, said Khaira. I’m sure if he did so, Allah Ta’ala would have given him something for his gratitude,” said Khaira.

“I’m never going to complain about anything again,” Abdur Rahman declared passionately.

“And I’m always going to be grateful to Allah and say Alhamdulillah,” Khaira added in.

Huda, not wanting to be left out, also spoke, “I’m always going to say Amdillah.”

And then she began to sing, “Amdillah… Amdillah… Amdullah… Amdillah…. Amdullah.”

“No Huda,” said Khaira laughing, “say after me, ‘Al-ham- du lillah.’ All praises be to Allah!”


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