Chapter Seven

Khaira slipped on shoes and wore her burqi before searching for Huda, to put on her own little burqi for her. Although Huda was only two, Mummy preferred she cover her hair when going out and Khaira agreed. Huda’s beautiful locks often either caught someone’s nazr (evil eye), got complimented on or got pulled on by some jealous child.

“Come, come! Nana is already waiting in the car for us.” Abdur- Rahman called out just then, hurrying them on. Huda excitedly ran ahead to the car screaming, “Twings! Twings!”

Every Sunday, Nana would take them to the park where they would play for ages. Huda would claim a swing and then nobody else would be allowed to use it, till she got tired of it. She would call out for Nana to push her and scream with joy as she went higher and higher. She felt like a little bird and especially loved it when Nani would start panicking n screaming, “Don’t push her so high, she could fall off just now!”

Huda would giggle and say, “High! Fly! High! More Nana!”

Once Huda tired of the swing they would all climb on to the roundabout and Nana would then push them. “Only seven times, only seven times.” Abdur Rahman would insist as he knew that his Mummy and Daddy would go seven times round the kabah, when making tawaaf.

“Yes! Let Nana push us seven times in an anti-clockwise direction,” said Nani. She then once again reminded them to read one of the duas (prayers) mummy and daddy would be reading in every round of tawaaf in Makkah. The dua that is read between the Rukne Yamaani till the Hajre Aswad. Since Khaira and Abdur-Rahmaan knew the dua they recited along softly with Nani and Nana.

“Rabbana aatina
fid duniya hasanataw
wa fil aakirati hasanataw
waqina azaaban naar.”

It means:
‘Oh Allah, give us good in this world
and good in the Hereafter
and protect us from the fire of Jahannam.’

Huda didnt know the dua but also wanted to recite this dua with them so she chanted her own dua:

“Rabbana aatina hasanataw!

Rabbana aatina hasanataw!

Rabbana aatina hasanataw!”

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